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Reliable Labor Services has been offering farms and orchards throughout New England H-2A and H-2B services for over 25 years. We are located in Orwell, Vermont where our qualified and knowledgeable agents bring you top-notch service.


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Reliable Labor Services has been a trusted provider of H-2A and H-2B services for over 25 years. Based in Orwell, Vermont, we have been serving farms and orchards throughout New England, offering top-notch solutions to meet their labor needs. Our qualified and knowledgeable agents are dedicated to delivering reliable workers and exceptional service to agricultural businesses.



Are you looking for hard working employees for your business? We are your Reliable H-2A and H-2B Agents based in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Our agency services over 100 clients each year throughout New England and beyond. SAVE on Lawyer Fees with our Agency Same Service, Same Outcome, Better Price

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H-2B Services
Are you looking for hard working employees for your business?...
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Reliable Labor Services is offering non-agriculture businesses with H-2B services. This program allows workers to work at industries during their peak seasons. These positions can include construction, housekeeping, waiters/waitresses, landscaping, manufacturing and many other non-agricultural jobs. Our H-2B services also offer businesses in-country recruitment. This program allows us to recruit workers that are already in the country to your place of business. This is greatly beneficial to those who are concerned about being under the visa cap and the cost associated with the visa fees and international travel. In addition, we are also able to recruit workers out of country with our affiliated Jamaican Agencies.

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